Phil Schlechty





About the speaker

Phil Schlechty comes from a background as fundamental as an Ohio farm and as lofty as The Ohio State University. He is an exceptional speaker, thinker, writer, and leader. He has deep, abiding passions for equity, excellence, the public schools, and American democracy.

Phil is a synthesizer and connector. He has often said that he "stands on the shoulders of giants," to whom he owes a great debt—thinkers and writers in the fields of history, sociology, education, and business, primarily. His unique talent lies in the ability to draw upon such diverse sources of inspiration and to develop coherence among them around issues of kids, schools, communities, and leadership.

Phil is a storyteller, and his stories are usually metaphorical, linked to some important point about why, and how, schools might be transformed. He bridges disciplines, cultures, and points of view—comfortably and with keen insight. He teaches us all how to do that. He leads by example, and by asking "what if…?" questions.

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